Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sammy has blown his ACL

Over the weekend Sam stopped using his back right leg.

This is the same knee he had surgery on about 6 years ago.

This time it is his ACL. We have decided to use conservative therapy before jumping to surgery.
Sammy is limited on his walking and running. He has range of motion exercises and will do hydrotherapy twice a week. (see video below)


Al Maier said...

I remember when he had the problem back in Atlanta, he was very small at the time. It looks like Sam is getting excellent Health Care!!!

carol said...

Ooooooooo, those ears are back... He won't even let me put that harness on to walk. I must say he does not look too amused there, but he has the best cheerleader ever!! Great video, he is trying very hard. Tell him auntie is very proud and hoping for a quick recovery!

Marilyn said...

The dear boy does look stressed, but making necessary effort. I hope we hear he heals quickly. Thanks for the great clip. We'll be pulling for him.