Monday, December 6, 2010

Another random event log

Since my last post was in August, there is a lot to catch up on
in no particular order. . .

We drove to Montreal for a few days and saw a couple friends. .

We have had guest from Atlanta for some great weather!
Our annual Hanukkah Party was Dec 1st this year
70 people plus at least 10 children!! it was the best yet
When to NYC to spend a weekend with friends.
We are losing beach much faster than the permit committees want to re-nourish.
A few trips to DC
Sukkot was great. Dinner parties every night went very well
Bill is teaching courses at OLLI held at UBSC
in the modern history of Israel.
Great feed back and a big class >100 people attended each lecture.
Another random visit to NJ
Not so random visit to my brothers house, also in NJ, for Harris's 6th b-day party

Photo taken in Ann Arbor, MI
We also had a wedding since August!!
Did I mention, a trip to Israel?
Saw family and friends while we spent a very nice, quite week.
Some Chihuahua!!!
Yes, Eli and Emily are now, husband and wife!!

I would hope to add more photos for each event but life is just moving too fast.
I have been having some health issues that seem to be resolving well with a new treatment and hope to be back to myself, totally by the new year.
This month has had a great start!!


Al Maier said...

Great to see the updates.... Wishing you a much heather 2011!!

Gran said...

Great pictures to remember great times. Sam steels the show.