Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Random thoughts

We had some friends from Atlanta come visit for a weekend.
Tom and Robin

This is Ashira, my Step-son's baby
That makes me ~what?
May 5th we had an Israel Independence day celebration in Hilton Head
We had State and Federal Representatives and The Deputy Consul of Israel
It turned out Awesome!! This was created by a very small group of
people that included Bill and I.
This is Haia and Asher. They are becoming super great friends of ours here on the island.
Haia is giving me Hebrew lessons once a week!!
We have advertised out home as "Pet friendly".
As you can see, we are, even when Sam is smaller than the pets head.
(Sam [yes, another Sam, it was very confusing] and Maya)
Did I mention Bill took kite surfing lessons?
(ask us, we can elaborate)
We have had friends from Australia visit.
Melanie and Serge
Nice days are plentiful here.
We took a trip to Bonaire in March and had a wonderful time diving.


Al Maier said...

Hopefully we can get down there for some of those nice weather days!!!

Al Maier said...

Love the picture of you with the little one. All those pix are great and really reflect what a special resort you have there.